About Us

Barbara Myers has been an organizer for 19 years. Beginning in 1989, she began organizing sales meetings and trade show booths around the country.

In 2001, Barbara became a Professional Organizer, opened The Time Manager and started www.ineedmoretime.com, a personal organizing service for people around the world.

She reports, "Knowing how getting organized can truly turn a person's life around, I decided to make this my life's work. It's my way of helping others."

"De-cluttering and designating 'homes' for everything has made my life so much easier! I want to help others do the same," says Barbara.

"You can manage your stress and you can manage your time if you can manage to get organized. I can help with my products and services," emphasizes Barbara.

A member of NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers), Barbara offers personal organizing assistance and workshops for clients throughout Ohio.
She has been featured in numerous publications including "Good Housekeeping," "Woman's World," "Bottom Line," and "The Columbus Dispatch."