27-time management tips to work less, and play more

27-time management tips to work less, and play more

Time is an important thing. There are some steps that you can do to preserve your time, and use it on more important things. They are easy but require a strict discipline to follow.

Create a time audit:

Make sure that you understand how much is expected of you, and how much can be achieved. Get a clear picture.


Don’t just hurry up. Before you go to a meeting, decide what you want it to achieve.


Put a time limit on tasks:

You need to restrain yourself from spending too much time on other activities. Divide the time resourcefully.


Sunday is a good day to plan your week. There is no need to waste a working day.

Create a daily plan:

Have a plan for every day. This will give you a framework for the day’s activities.


List the activities so that it lets you know what is to be done, and what has been achieved.


Some tasks require more of your time. They need your time first, and you should complete them before you move on to others.

Block out distractions:

Don’t keep any space for any distractions. If something is distracting you, remove it or choose a place that is free of it.

time audit

Don’t multitask:

Give your attention to everything, and choose not to multi-task.


There is no need to wait for the right moment. You have to do it now, and never wait for inspiration.

Don’t strive for perfection:

Give your attention to the bigger picture. Keep the standard.

Small details:

There are a lot of details that you would like to add, but when you are consuming time, you can skip the details for later. See the bigger picture.


If you keep on working, it is not good for your health. So make sure that you take breaks that will refresh your mind.


You will miss the details. Make up for the mails, and check them regularly from your phone.

Organize your email:

You can organize your mail in such a way that you can find the important emails in a jiffy.


In your free time, you can play a lot of games that will help you sharpen the side of the brain that you don’t use.

Exercise often:

Exercising regularly has benefits for your body. It will surely reflect on your body and brain.

Sleep well:

Sleeping helps muscles to relax, and body to refresh. Don’t forget to allow your body the rest that it requires.


make use of the calendar, and plan your time accordingly. Keep it organized.

Schedule relaxation time:

You will also need to give some time to your brain for rest, and pulling itself together.


Instead of accepting every project, evaluate it properly, and see whether it is the best use of your time or not.

Be early:

Don’t waste your time, and when you can submit the project before the deadline.


If you are indulging in important work, avoid the disturbance. You can pick up your phone later if it’s not important.


Follow the schedule in letter and spirit. Don’t deviate.


As you follow the timetable, give up the bad habits, and unproductive use of your time.


There are a lot of applications that will help you plan your time. You can download one of them.


Fun is the central thing of all. Don’t forget to do that.


If you plan your time and don’t waste any, you will not just save it, but make your life more organized.


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