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Top Ten Reasons to Get Organized

1.  Enjoy more time for yourself.  You will run your home and office more efficiently.  You will not waste valuable time looking for things.

2.  Save money.  You'll plan better.  You won't buy a second because you can't find the first.

3.  Improve your health.  You'll lower your stress.  You'll have a cleaner work and home environment.

4.  Make a better impression.  Improve your status at work.  Look pulled together with an organized wardrobe.

5.  Improve your mental health. Feel a sense of peace.  Experience an uncluttered mind.

6.  Increase your self-confidence.  "Yes, I have my act together!"

7.  Eat better.  Plan your meals and grocery shopping.  Enjoy cooking in your organized kitcen.

8.  Make more money. You'll do your job better and be more likely to get a promotion.  Also see number four.

9.  Have control over your surroundings. Know where everything is located.  Take control of your time.

10. Be a better parent.  You'll have more time for your kids.

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