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I Need More Time

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Save Time

⏰ Save time by making fewer decisions during the week.  For example, choose clothes and acessories for the whole week, make up a menu for the week, and list your next week's priorities, all on the weekend.

⏰ Spend TV viewing time wisely.  Pay bills, clip coupons, iron or work on tomorrow's to do list while watching your favorite program for the evening.  Be sure to take advantage of DVR so you can skip commercials and watch at your convenience.  Otherwise, keep the TV off.  It's a real time-stealer.

⏰ Schedule doctor's appointments for first thing in the morning.  Run errands and grocery shop early morning also if possible.  Do everything you can during off-hours to save LOTS of time and stress.

⏰ Save time by withdrawing enough cash to last until next week or next month.  It's like buying in bulk.  You can stock up all at once to avoid making several trips to the store/bank/atm.  Just be sure to set a budget and not allow yourself to go over it.

⏰ Delegate.  It's the number one time saver!  You can barter, hire or beg.  Start with family, neighbors, co-workers and local college students or teens.

Control your Paper

💌 Keep track of monthly business and personal expenses by labeling a file folder or an envelope with the month.  Just throw in receipts.  All your expenses will then be together for end of the month accounting.

💌 Read with a highlighter in hand.  Mark the important parts to avoid rereading later.

💌 Make a list of all your files.  Keep it nearby when you process paper to avoid duplicating files, looking for papers, etc.

💌 Gather all your household equipment manuals.  Attach a receipt to each one, or note purchase date, store and price on the covers.   Place them in an "equipment" or "appliance" file or in a binder to keep from bulking up your files.

💌 Use only clear tabs on hanging folders.  Throw away the colored tabs that come with colored hanging files.  It's difficult to read a label through color and will waste your time.

💌 Wait until you have enough time to sort ALL of today's mail.  By avoiding interruptions, you'll lessen the risk of piling

Organize Your Office

📖 Complete a phone call, then write down your next action relating to the call.  Do you need to make another call or e-mail something?  If you can't do it now, write it down.  Try keeping a spiral notebook by your phone to keep track of these to-do's.

📖 Designate a space in your office for items that need to go home with you.  Do the same at home.

📖 Place tomorrow's top priority task at the center of your desk before you leave work today.  You'll start your day focused.

📖 Streamline supplies in your desk drawers.  Keep only what you will realistically use during the next month  Set up a supply cabinet or closet or drawer somewhere that is less accessible.  Don't use valuable desk space storing a year's worth of office supplies.

📖 Clear your desk top of all personal mementos.  Hang them on the walls, place them on shelves, but give yourself space to work at your desk, without distractions.

Organize Your Home

🏠 Place an errand basket by the door.  Fill it with books to return, dry cleaning to drop off, etc.

🏠 Set up a specific place in your home for important frequently-used items such as tape, scissors and pens.

🏠 Declutter before you organize.  Your home will not stay organized if there is clutter everywhere.  Give yourself a goal of decluttering one area daily or weekly.  Even one organized drawer in your kitchen can give you hope and inspire you to do more.

🏠 Keep a donation container somewhere in your home.  Every time you come accross an item you don't use or need, add it to the collection.  Be sure to donate the box when it's full.  

🏠 Weed through your bathroom drawers and dispose of products that aren't being used.  Group like products.  Provide each household member with a basket for their grooming supplies.

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General Organizing Tips

🌷 Create storage to stay organized.  If you avoid putting away an item because you don't kow where to put it, think about other similar items you might have and store them all together.

🌷 Keep a bag or bin with handles in your car.  It makes it easier to transport items back and forth between your home and car.

🌷 Take ten minutes at the end of each day to pick up clutter in your home and office.  You'll feel less frustrated the next morning.

🌷 Clutter is not only a time-stealer, it gives you a bad image.  Take one step each day to reduce the clutter in your life.  Using a basket, walk around your home or office and pick up ten items that belong elsewhere.  Put them away.

🌷 Organize a purse, backpack or briefcase by using small mesh make-up bags.  Separate health care items, make-up, office supplies and financial items.

🌷 Keep a project together and organized.  For a small project, use a sheet protector or project folder.  For larger projects, use a tote bag.

Organized Parenting

📍 Separate the toys in a child's room or playroom by category.  For example, divide up by building toys, cuddling toys, art supplies, reading supplies, etc.

📍 Avoid paper messes in teen's rooms by purchasing a plastic, portable file box.  Make a category for each school subject and extra-curricular activity.

📍 Keep an extra, stocked diaper bag in your car for babies and toddlers.  Restock it once a week or as needed.  You'll avoid the last minute rush and being caught without supplies.

📍 Have a "shoe spot" near the door for your kids.  Teach them to use it as they enter.  Avoid last-minute searching for lost shoes.

📍 Keep a lidless hamper in each room where dirty clothes and linens accumulate.  No lid means they are more likely to throw items in.  Consider rolling hampers for kids so they can wheel them to the laundry room.

📍 Pack an "on-the-go bag" full of toys and books for young kids.  Include special items for restaurant and shopping distractions

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Expert Organizing Tips

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