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Moms:  7 Tips to Organize Your School Kids

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Moms:  7 Tips to Organize Your School Kids
   by Barbara Myers

1 Place a hook for outerwear and a shelf or mat for shoes near the door.  Have kids deposit their coats, hats, gloves and shoes upon entering.  Each evening, have them replace with tomorrow's shoes and jackets.

2.  Have kids empty their backpacks when they arrive home.  Provide a basket in which they can place anything for parent's review.

3.  Make sure your kids have a well-lit place to do homework.  Teach them to use in/out trays to ensure no homework is missed.

4.  Give them chores.  Teachers report that kids who regularly do chores at home are more responsible in the classroom.

5.  Help kids manage their time.  Teach them to list all their responsibilities (chores, homework, soccer practice) and how much time each will take.

6.  Prepare each evening.  Pick out clothes and shoes.  Pack lunches.  Set out breakfast.  Place backpack by the door.

7.  Make an out-the-door checklist.  Note everything they need to take to school.  Post it on the door.

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