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5 Keys to Organize Everyday Life

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5 Keys to Organize Everyday Life

How much happier would you be if you just felt organized most of the time?  The secret is to work with your lifestyle, not against it.  Use these five keys to help:

A.  Time on Your Side

Use a planner (electronic or paper) 24/7.  Write down all appointments, practices and meetings.  Enlist the help of others to get everything done in a timely manner.  Set your priorities and live by them.

B.  Paper Practices

Sort your mail over a recycling bin.  Immediately sort and file into categories:  items to do, items to file (long term), bills to pay, items to refer to someone else, etc.  Keep your planner in hand.  Set up a basket or file for items to read.  Print only necessities off your computer.  Set up a file folder or basket for kids' school papers.

C.  Meal Madness

Keep an ongoing grocery list.  Make a list of meals your family enjoys.  Use it to make a weekly meals list.  Shop once a week so you'll have all the necessary ingredients for one week of meals.  Clean up the kitchen nightly no matter how tired you feel.  Keep it off the kitchen counter if you don't use it daily.  Make healthy meals, eaten together, a family priority.  Get everyone involved.

D.  Morning Rush Hour

Spend a few minutes each evening preparing for the next day.  Make sure all necessities (briefcases, bookbags, sports equipment) are by the door.  Choose an outfit as well as accessories for tomorrow.  Set up a laundry routine you can live with (Read "12 Ways to Organize Your Laundry.")  Streamline bathrooms.  Keep daily essentials within easy reach and away from backup items and products you rarely use.  Keep the TV and radio off unless you need them as temporary distractions for small children.

E.  Everyday Essentials

Think about all the little items you use on a daily basis such as soap, keys, batteries, light bulbs and tape.  Jot down a quick list.  Assign storage places in your home for these items (one for current supply, one for backup supply).  Stop searching and start living.

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