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Daily Organizing Checklist

Follow this checklist every day to maintain an organized life.

Wash Dishes and/or run dishwasher.  Wipe kitchen counters. 

Take out the trash.

Make a decision on the clothes worn today.  If they need to be washed, throw them in the hamper.  If they need to be dry cleaned, place them in the dry cleaning bag.  If they just need to be aired out, hang up to air.

Grab a basket and walk around the house before bed.  Pick up clutter and return it to its designated place.

Sort the mail.  Open it over the trash can or recycling bin and dispose of junk mail.  Sort the rest into files or folders:  to do, to pay, to consider, to read, awaiting answer, hold and refer.

Pack lunches and set out breakfast dishes.  Decide on tomorrow's dinner and make necessary preparations.

Lay out tomorrow's clothes for each household member.

Place by the door:  backpacks, shoes, coats, briefcases, purses, sports uniforms, and anything else that will be needed tomorrow.

Make tomorrow's to-do list for work and home.



Organize your morning routine.

Organize your kids. 

Get help at home. 

Enjoy more time and less stress.

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