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10 Steps to Organize Your Kitchen

A kitchen usually acts as the hub of a home.  Many kitchens are used not only for preparing, cooking and cleaning up meals, but also for paying bills, doing homework, entertaining, snacking and more.  To organize your kitchen, break the task up into the following ten components:

1.  Countertops:  Remove everything from your countertops.  Wipe off the counters.  Replace only the items you use every day.

2.  Refrigerator/Freezer:  Take everything out.  Clean the inside.  Assign a shelf to leftovers.  Keep beverages together.  Put condiments together.

3.  Under the Sink:  Clean it out.  Consider adding a shelf.  Put back only dish detergent, scouring pads, trash bags and a few other necessities.

4.  Cooking Supplies:  This includes pots and pans and potholders.  Gather these items and store them near the stove.  Microwave cookware is the exception.  Store it near the microwave.


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10 Steps to Organize Your Kitchen continued

5.  Baking Supplies:  Cookie sheets and muffin tins belong together near the oven.

6.  Preparation:  Store cutting boards, peelers and knives together near an island or food prep area.

7.  Clean Up:  Keep storage containers and wraps near the sink for easy after dinner clean up.  Store only a week's supply of containers, with lids on, for easy retrieval.  Keep a back up supply with your holiday decorations.

8.  Pantry/Food Storage:  Try to set up a pantry near your kitchen (closet, rolling cart, shelving unit) for food storage.  If that's not possible, keep similar food items stored together in the kitchen.

9.  Serving Pieces:  Store serving bowls, trays, cutlery and plates near the table.  Keep beverage glasses near the fridge or sink since you'll fill them before placing them on the table.

10.  Information Area:  Fill a folder with take-out menus, kitchen appliance manuals, important phone numbers and your meal planner.  Place it in a drawer or attach it to the inside of a cabinet.

It's important to remove from your kitchen any item(s) you don't use regularly.  Consider storing holidays cooking items with holiday decorations.  Sort through cooking utensils and get rid of duplicates.  It's easy to organize a kitchen once you understand the ten basic parts.

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Tips of the Month

  Set aside an hour or two to clean out your hall closet.  Spring is the perfect time to declutter and refresh.  Start by removing everything from the closet.  Sort into categories.  Decide if you need organizers.  Put back only what belongs there.  Need more detailed help?  Click here now.

  Save time by doing your most dreaded task first thing in the morning.  Once it's finished, you'll have more energy, be more relaxed, and accomplish more because you won't spend time worrying about what you should be doing.

  Find a way to move things off your floors, and you'll have a less cluttered, more organized appearance to your home or office.

  Use a decorative container wherever you see piles in your home or office.  Concealing a mess will help your attitude so much you might actually make time to declutter and organize the mess.

  In your kitchen, store plastic containers with lids on.  Keep only the number you will actually use in a week.  You do clean out your fridge weekly, don't you?!  Need extras during holidays?  Store them with your holiday items.

  Take each project that is lying around your home or office and place it in a tote bag.  Now it's not only portable but reduces clutter and can easily be pulled out to work on whenever you are ready.

  Make scheduling a priority so you won't miss any important events.  It doesn't matter if you use your phone, iPad or a paper system.  Just make sure you get into the habit of writing everything down and that includes not just your appointments and meetings, but those of your family members as well.

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