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I Need More Time

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Try these easy tips:

⏱ Sit down for ten minutes today and make a quick list of your life's priorities.  Are you focusing on them?  Make your daily to do list around your priorities.

⏱ Simplify.  Choose to simplify your life in 2017.  How?  Get rid of excess stuff, activities and time-wasters.

⏱ Streamline.  Put together a weekly meals list as well as a grocery list.  Clean out your closet so it only holds items that look great on you.  Organize your entry so you and your family can enter and exit the house in peace.

⏱ Sizzle.  What's the one thing you would like to change about your life this year?  How can you make that happen?

⏱ Share.  Good time management is all about focusing on your priorities. Make more time for yourself and for others.  How can you be more generous in 2017?

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