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7 Ways to Leave Your Clutter
by Barbara Myers

Everyone has some degree of clutter lurking at home.  When you're tired of moving it around, stepping over it, and losing important items in it, it's time to take control of the clutter.  What should you do with it?  You have seven options:

1.  Dispose of it.  Much of clutter is trash you either thought you would need or figured you'd throw out later.

2.  Put it away.  about half of the remaining clutter in most homes consists of items that simply haven't been put away.  Fill a laundry basket then deliver the items to their proper rooms.  avoid this clutter trap by making things easy to put away and by enforcing a family "use it and put it away" rule.

3.  Donate it.  if you don't use it, it's not a treasured decorative item or memento, and it's not a important piece of paper, get rid of it.  Pass it along to someone who can use it.

4.  Refer it.  the novel you've been saving for Debbie, the recipe you copied for Aunt Jan and the gloves borrowed from Mom need to be sent or delivered to their rightful owners.  Gather them and make your rounds tomorrow

5.  File it.  Set up a "hold" file for wedding invitations and concert tickets (after you note them in your calendar).  Set up a "to file" file for all important papers.

6.  Fix it or have it repaired today.  Those buttons aren't going to sew themselves.  Either mend them or take them to a seamstress.  The same goes for the broken toys, watches and electronics.

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7.  Give it a home.  Everything else is something that belongs in your home but you don't know what to do with it.  Where DO you put extra batteries and your kids' artwork?  Designate a permanent place in your home for each group of items you find in a clutter pile.  Simplify by making a list of items and where they belong.

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February Tips

  Take two minutes every evening this month to list your priorities for tomorrow.  It will help you focus and ultimately, accomplish more.

  Keep a basket by the door and toss in mail and papers as you enter.  It'll keep your counters and desktop clean until you make time to go through it all.

  Winter is the perfect time of year to go through your attic, basement and closets.  Make a donation or plan a yard sale.  Need help?  Free your closets from chaos now.

  Start at your local dollar stores when looking for help decluttering and organizing.  Many are filled with baskets and bins to inexpensively fill your needs.

  Save time at home by using a crock pot.  With only a little pre-planning you can have a hot meal ready when you arrive home in the evening.

  Save time at the office by no letting papers pile up.  Keep an in box as well as a to do pile, file or basket.  Sort paper according to whether it needs to be done, filed, given to someone else, or held for future to do.

  Put your phone on vibrate whenever possible so you can avoid interruptions.  It's the number one time waster.

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