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Try these easy tips:

⏱ Sit down for ten minutes today and make a quick list of your life's priorities.  Are you focusing on them?  Make your daily to do list around your priorities.

⏱ Simplify.  Choose to simplify your life in 2017.  How?  Get rid of excess stuff, activities and time-wasters.

⏱ Streamline.  Put together a weekly meals list as well as a grocery list.  Clean out your closet so it only holds items that look great on you.  Organize your entry so you and your family can enter and exit the house in peace.

⏱ Sizzle.  What's the one thing you would like to change about your life this year?  How can you make that happen?

⏱ Share.  Good time management is all about focusing on your priorities. Make more time for yourself and for others.  How can you be more generous in 2017?

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Organize Your Way to Wealth

Clutter and disorganization can cause you to not live up to your potential.  You're more likely to lose items, be overwhelmed, and be less efficient.  Try these nine steps to get organized and enjoy more money in your life:

1.  Organize yourself at the office and people will see you as smarter and more competent which will lead to pay raises and better jobs.  This includes your desk, paperwork, timeliness and wardrobe.

2.  Have a designated place to store receipts so you can easily return items.

3.  File your tax-deductible receipts together so they'll be ready for tax season.

4.  Keep everything in it's place so you won't run out and buy a duplicate of something you already have but can't find.

5.  Store your financial records together and review them on a regular basis.

6.  Have a budget a stick to it.  Keep track of expenses and you'll be less likely to spend money on trivial items.

7.  Stock your kitchen and plan ahead for dinner so you'll eat out less often.

8.  Plan several months ahead for normal purchases so you can buy in bulk and take advantage of sales.  This includes food staples, paper goods, toiletries, clothing and gifts.

9.  Discipline yourself to donate ten percent of your income to charity.  It will come back to you in so many ways.

A little planning and preparation goes a long way in helping you control your expenses and income. Take a few minutes today to figure out how you can follow these tips to increase your income and reduce your expenses.

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